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Moorings Spec

We have 2 trots of currently 6 risers on each which were laid in 2010 by Colin Bell of Seahorse Aquaculture with the risers being replaced in march 2012.
All moorings are registered with the crown estate and we are fully insured.
Each trot is built with a 135m length of 33mm and 26mm studlink ground chain anchored by 100kg or 150kg Samson anchors at either end with additional weights along its length. The risers from March 2012 are 18mm galvanised chain on to a 33mm studlink chaser riser which is fixed to the main ground chain. All fastened with seized galvanised 7/8inch shackles and bound with heavy duty wire or similar, all fixed to an Mb120 hard swivelling buoy with 24mm seasteel pick up line attached for convenience.

The most north-easterly 3 on each trot are for use by visiting vessels and the others for use by private local vessels. All in all each trot has approximately 6 tonnes of chain on it.
Spacings are 15metres between buoys whilst not in use.
Depths at LWS are between 5 and 11 metres.
Prices for 2012 are £10 per night, and a donation for a short day stay. Fees are payable at the box at the head of the pier or in the 'top shop' spar shop or Teo the hand spinner's shop at the wee pier.


Some pictures of the new riser chain are below.









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